Our Rates

Up to 6 passengers can ride for the price of one — with two or more passengers, taking a cab to the airport is cheaper than taking the shuttle!

First 1/9th mile or 37 seconds or fraction thereof (depending on city) $2.85
Each additional 1/9th mile or part $0.30
Each 37 seconds waiting time and/or traffic delay ($29.19/hour wait) $0.30
Surcharge for trips originating at LAX $4.00
Minimum fare per trip (group) originating at LAX (in addition to the $4.00 surcharge) $15.00
Flat rate per trip either direction between LAX and Downtown (area bounded by Alameda St.,Santa Monica Fwy, Cesar E. Chavez, Harbor Fwy, Union Station and Chinatown) $46.50

* Rates are vary depending on the city. The full list of cities and corresponding charges will be posted here soon. Rates above apply only to Los Angele, West Hollywood and other unincorporated cities of Los Angeles county.