United Taxi is happy to work with your business to find the transportation solution that works best for your company. Corporate customers can enjoy unlimited use of our services in several ways (many businesses utilize all of these services).

Voucher Services

Your organization can use vouchers to provide quality transportation services while watching the bottom line. Using our sequentially-numbered voucher coupons with pre-printed dollar amounts, you can transport employees, give vouchers as bonuses or keep your VIPs happy. This is a win/win situation for your company, as you can provide courteous and efficient transportation while maintaining budgetary control!

Unlimited-Use Corporate Accounts

If you're looking for a seamless transportation solution, United Taxi business accounts are just the ticket! You'll be invoiced every thirty (30) days for services rendered. One payment a month, and your transportation needs are covered.

Direct-Connect Phone Lines in Your Lobby or Office

This is simplicity at its best — we'll provide a dedicated telephone connection and slimline wall- or desk-mount phone at NO COST to your company! Just pick up the phone, and you're instantly connected to United Taxi dispatchers. Free your employees and clients from parking hassles, internet maps, waiting for cabs or braving public transportation. Just sit back, relax and sip your latte as you breeze down the Carpool Lane.

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