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On Saint Patrick’s Day: Let Us Drive You

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Every bar the city will be a buzz of activity all day and well into the night. It is a perfect time to go out with friends and acquaintances that have been put aside normally due to the busy bustle of life. Drinking is a wonderful social activity. It allows you to throw away the cares of everyday obligations and just have a fun time.

New mobile app for iPhone and Android smart phone users

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United Independent Taxi Drivers is proud to announce the release of our very own iPhone and Android applications. Our mobile app shows United Taxi's dedication in keeping up with the latest technology trends. Clients are now able to call up a taxi at the click of the button. The application uses a GPS location detector to speed up the ordering process, and is pre-loaded with the most popular LA based destinations, including The Staples Center and LAX, to really provide a “one click solution” to ordering a taxi.

New Feature at United Taxi - ACT (Automatic Call Taker)

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United Taxi of Burbank is now using Automatic Call Taker technology (ACT) for your convenience. ACT saves your time in just 7 seconds your taxi order is processed and dispatched automatically. You can also check your order through the same system the status of the order after few minutes. Why wait on line and waste your time! ACT connects you to an automated system 24/7 so you can place your regular taxi request in seconds, no more waiting on the line for "the next available operator to assist you" however, you can always reach a live operator when you have specific taxi needs.