United Independent Taxi is a franchised taxicab operator in the City of Los Angeles, and as such is subject to the City's regulations governing taxi-vehicle standards. United Taxi, in compliance with those regulations, equips all its vehicles with the following: a city-approved taxi meter with an affixed LADOT inspection seal; a top light; a radio receiver/transmitter with a computer terminal capable of dispatching a two-way communication anywhere in the licensed service area; a rate card displayed so as to be plainly visible to all passengers in the vehicle; and equipment to extinguish lights on the right side of the vehicle used to signal when a robbery in progress.

In addition, all United Taxi vehicles must: undergo safety inspections on an annual basis; be free of unsightly dirt, grime and stains inside and out; be free of cracked or broken windows, headlights and window cranks; be free of torn panel covering, headliner and upholstery; be free of unusual or unsightly paint defacement and body dents; be free of projections of sheet metal or other materials inside or outside the taxicab that might cause injury or tear clothing; have hubcaps on each wheel of a similar design; have seatbelts all properly bolted in place; have three (3) sets of seatbelts in the rear and two (2) sets in the front, maintained in full view and easily accessible to passengers. All United Taxi vehicles must not be more than seven (7) years of age, and any units more than five (5) years of age must undergo an annual AAA inspection.


It can be very difficult to gauge the performance of a taxi operator. However, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) (the arm of municipal government responsible for regulating the taxi industry) performs "response time" surveys and records all infractions violated by each operator. LADOT has established a penalty-point system whereby accumulation of a certain amount of penalty points can result in fines, suspension or even revocation of operating/business licenses.

United Taxi services well over 3,000 customers a day, and according to LADOT statistics has a complaint ratio of less than 0.1% per customers served on an annual basis.

We attribute this exemplary record to our management design and our rigid membership requirements. Numerous committees comprised by the driver/members carry out harsh measures against those who violate the United Taxi service policies and those violators are disciplined, fined and, when necessary, suspended indefinitely. Our proactive committees, customer service programs and community-based marketing style ultimately ensure the continuation of United Independent Taxi's founding members' legacy.

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